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    TacShovel™ - Multifunctional Shovel

    “Got this for my brother who loves to go camping. TacShovel™ is such a cool gadget! This was an awesome gift idea, and I’m so happy I got this for him! He absolutely loves it and how sturdy, durable, and easy to use it is. This is the ultimate survivors kit. Compact and easy to store away, this already has come in handy so many times. Extremely happy with TacShovel™!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Sammie Clark
     Verified Buyer


    Camping can be an exciting and rewarding experience, as it presents opportunities to explore nature, improve health and develop life skills. However, one of the biggest challenges is having the right tools to not only make the most of the trip, but to also ensure safety and survivability. Not having the right tools can make camping miserable and also extremely dangerous

    TacShovel™ features multiple functions such as an ax, screwdriver, safety hammer, and a fire starter. This versatile tool is perfect for various outdoor activities like making fire pits and clearing debris, as well as for survival situations. Instead of feeling limited on camping trips, fully enjoy the experience and create lasting memories with loved ones, while ensuring safety.



     VERSATILE SHOVEL: The powerful Manganese steel shovel head features 2 different blades, 2 hex wrenches, and a rope cutter. These cover important tasks like clearing vegetation and chopping firewood, making the camping experience more efficient and enjoyable.

     FOLDABLE SHOVEL: The shovel head angle can be adjusted anywhere from 0 to 180 degrees. At 90 degrees, TacShovel™ resembles a gardening hoe and is used to scale rocks or steep terrain, while at 0 degrees, the size is minimized and easily stored away.

     TACTICAL KNIFE: Hidden in one of the rods is a sleek and durable stainless steel tactical knife that is easily accesible. This is useful for preparing food, carving wood, opening bottles, and even for self-defense in emergency situations to protect oneself and loved ones.

     ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: TacShovel™ comes with 2 extension rods that extends the shovel to up to 27 inches long. With this adjustable length feature, TacShovel™ provides more reach and comfort for all users whether digging or performing other tasks.

     SAFETY WHISTLE: On the very end of the handle of TacShovel™ is a detachable safety whistle. In addition to signaling for help when lost or in an emergency situation, this whistle acts as a self-defense mechanism to scare off dangerous and threatening wildlife.  


    We understand how anxious we can be about our camping trips and whether we are prepared for the challenges and dangers the outdoors pose. It can be both frustrating and terrifying to not have the proper tools for an enjoyable and safe trip! According to data from the Washington Post and US National Park Service, 120 to 140 people typically die at national parks each year!

    With TacShovel™, take a deep breath and sigh in relief to finally having the perfect tool to bring along to the outdoors. TacShovel™’s versatile and multifunctional design has everything that is needed for a safe, efficient, and comfortable camping trip. Upgrade to the ultimate camping tool and have the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for any situation that may arise!



    Length: 26.8 in

    Width: 5.1 in



    (2) x Extension Rods

    (1) x Screwdriver

    (1) x Safety Whistle

    (1) x Safety Hammer

    (1) x Tactical Knife


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