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    TacLite™ - Powerful Mini Flashlight

    “Small, convenient, and as bright as the sun, TacLite™ checks all the boxes. I have never, in my life, seen a flashlight shine this bright. I bought a few of these for me and my daughters for when we walk our dog at night, and these are just so much brighter than the big bulky flashlights my husband bought. LET THERE BE LIGHT!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Shannon Hill
     Verified Buyer


    Walking around in dark areas or spaces, especially at night, can be one of the most nerve-wracking and dangerous experiences. In these situations, it’s a lot harder to be aware of potential threats, whether it be a person looking to do harm or a possible obstacle in the way. This inability to stay aware is absolutely terrifying and can lead to accidents and severe injury.

    TacLite™ features a brightness level of 500 lumens, 5 times the brightness of an average flashlight. This small but powerful light easily illuminates the surroundings and also serves as a defensive mechanism. Experience security and ease of mind while walking through dark areas or at night and regain that important situational awareness.



     EXTREME BRIGHTNESS: TacLite™ features powerful LEDs that provide up to 500 lumens of illumination. When walking down a dark street or to a car at night, TacLite™ helps spot potential dangers while still far enough to gain an advantage.

     SELF-DEFENSE: In addition to 3 other lighting modes, TacLite™ is capable of a strobe mode. This mode emits a rapidly flashing super bright light which can be used to temporarily disorient a perpetrator, allowing for escape from the threat.

     PORTABLE DESIGN: Unlike other flashlights, TacLite™ is small and convenient to carry around. Rather than having to lug a bulky and heavy flashlight around, TacLite™ can be easily kept in a pocket or even clipped onto a keychain.

     COLLAPSIBLE BRACKET: The adjustable bracket on the back acts as a stand for TacLite™ on any surface. Utilize TacLite™ as a work light for any type of maintenance or as a lantern to light up a large area, like a campsite.

     MAGNETIC BASE: TacLite™ has a powerful magnet 
    built in on the back, perfect for any scenario that requires the use of both hands. Simply stick TacLite™ onto any magnetic surface and instantly free up the hands.



    1. Press the power button on the side to turn TacLite™ on.

    2. Hold the same button to switch between modes.

    3. Enjoy the powerful light and peace of mind!


    We understand how uneasy we can be when we are not 100% aware of our surroundings. It can be terrifying walking alone at night, not being able to see and defend against potential threats lying in the dark! A recent study done by U.S. News shows that more than half of serious and violent crimes committed happen much more frequently at night!

    With TacLite™, take a deep breath and sigh in relief to finally having a flashlight that invokes a sense of security at night! TacLite™ effortlessly lights up any surroundings and is bright enough to disorient any possible attackers. Enjoy this small but powerful gadget and regain that feeling of security and safety at night!



    Length: 2.4 in

    Width: 1.6 in



    (1) x TacLite™

    (1) x USB Charging Cord

    (1) x Instruction Manual


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