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    SnuggleOtter™ - Soothing Cuddle Buddy

    “I love everything about SnuggleOtter™! After getting this for my 16 month old daughter, she now falls asleep in 10 to 15 minutes, MUCH faster than before. She loves the music and it definitely helps her relax before going to bed. I highly recommend it for any parents with fussy kids that have trouble falling asleep. It’s 100% worth buying for your baby or toddler!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Genesis Ruiz
    Verified Buyer


    When babies have trouble falling asleep, it can be tough for both them and their parents. A lack of sleep not only makes parents tired and stressed out, but can also hinder the baby’s proper growth and weaken the immune system. This can negatively affect a child’s physical and mental growth, as well as contribute to the risk of postpartum depression and conflict between parents

    SnuggleOtter™ is an amazing plush toy that helps babies fall asleep almost instantly and keeps them asleep for even longer. It features an extra-soft fabric, white noise, calming music, and also mimics a soothing “breathing” motion. Experience the joys of our baby falling asleep quickly and enjoy peaceful nights for much-needed rest, knowing our little one is snug and content.



    CALMING SOUNDS: SnuggleOtter™ features calming sounds, including both white noises and lullabies.The soothing sounds tune out any unexpected noises and can even mimic womb sounds, creating a comfortable and familiar environment for babies to fall asleep in.

    SOOTHING BREATHING: SnuggleOtter™ mimics natural breathing, with its chest falling up and down. Feel the calm with SnuggleOtter™’s gentle breathing, helping our babies relax deeply and enjoy easier bedtime routines, giving us and our little ones the rest we need.

    PLUSH FABRIC: The ultra-soft plush fabric is gentle on the skin, ensuring our baby is comfortable and cozy with every touch. Wrapped in this premium material, our little ones experience a sense of warmth and security, helping them fall asleep fuss-free.

    SOFT LIGHT: Additionally, SnuggleOtter™ has a warm light feature built in to match the tempo of the soothing breathing. Babies absolutely adore this unique feature, as they get to sleep next to a gentle, comforting glow, creating a serene atmosphere for peaceful nights. 

    FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Each of the features can be customized and set using the panel buttons on the inside. Whether adjusting sound or controlling breathing motion, SnuggleOtter™ can be tailored with any combination to suit a baby's preferences for a peaceful slumber.



    1. Unzip the zipper on the back of SnuggleOtter™ and insert the 4 AA batteries.

    2. Press down on SnuggleOtter™’s belly to switch it on.

    3. Select any combination of sound, breathing, and light using the panel inside SnuggleOtter™.

    4. Adjust the volume using the panel controls.


    We understand how challenging it can be to get our little ones to fall asleep at night. It can be extremely frustrating when it takes hours to get our babies to fall asleep, and it can also impact their development into healthy, strong children! According to a study, children who get less sleep showed significant differences in brain regions responsible for memory and intelligence!

    SnuggleOtter™ is perfect for anyone with babies that struggle to fall asleep at night. Its soothing breathing, calming sounds, and cozy lights make it the best cuddle buddy for babies to comfortably fall asleep with. Experience the amazing gift of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep for both you and your baby, fostering a brighter, more energized tomorrow for the entire family! 



    Length: 9.84 in

    Width: 6.10 in

    Height: 4.33 in



    (1) x SnuggleOtter™

    (4) x AA Batteries

    (1) x Instruction Manual


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