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    SmartWoof™ - Automatic Dog Toy Ball

    “My dog loves his SmartWoof™! It has different settings for the intensity of movement which is fantastic. It has held up well to him throwing it in the air and down the stairs. After 10 mins of playing with this toy, my dog is breathing like we went for a run. It really gets him moving and wears him out quickly. This will be a great option for days outdoor exercise isn't an option!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Chris
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    Regular exercise is essential for all dogs - it keeps them in shape and happy. When dogs don’t get enough exercise, it can cause health problems like obesity and joint issues, as well as make them sad and depressed. This lack of exercise and physical activity leading to many health issues can severely shorten our pups’ lives and rob us of the happiness and joy they bring us.

    SmartWoof™ is an interactive dog toy ball that rolls and jumps around automatically on its own. Equipped with a motion sensor, this ball rolls around and flashes its lights whenever dogs touch or bite it, keeping them engaged and providing endless hours of fun. SmartWoof™ ensures pups stay active and healthy, promoting happier and longer lives for our beloved fur babies.



    HEALTHY PUPS: SmartWoof™ features a rolling mode in which it automatically rolls around for 25 seconds and stops for 5 seconds, repeating this cycle for 2 minutes. As SmartWoof™ rolls around quickly and randomly, dogs get to chase it around and have intense, active play.

    WAGGING TAILS: In addition to the rolling mode, SmartWoof™ is capable of automatically bouncing wildly, encouraging pups to chase and catch it. This fun game increases a dog’s endorphins, allowing them to feel a natural high and doing wonders for their mental health.

    MENTAL STIMULATION: The multi-color built-in lights flash as SmartWoof™ rolls and bounces around. These flashing lights stimulate the minds of dogs and attract their attention, keeping them sharp and preventing premature aging and cognitive problems as they get older.  

    ENDLESS FUN: Within SmartWoof™ is a built-in motion sensor responsible for all the movement whenever a pup interacts with it. Unlike other dog toys, this smart sensor provides hours of engaging playtime, keeping our furry friends busy and entertained for a long time.

    IMPROVED BEHAVIOR: The combination of rolling and jumping modes along with flashing lights is guaranteed to tire dogs out after so much fun. This prevents them from becoming bored and frustrated, which leads to problem behaviors like digging holes or chewing on furniture.


    We understand the stress we can have for our pup’s health and overall well-being. It can be absolutely devastating to lose our furry angels early and be robbed of cherished moments forever! A study done by the University of Copenhagen shows that regular exercise reduces the risk of obesity-related health issues and ultimately extends a dog’s life expectancy!

    SmartWoof™ provides dogs with endless hours of active fun as they chase and interact with its dynamic movements. This incredible dog toy ensures that pups receive the exercise and mental stimulation they need, promoting their health and happiness. Keep tails wagging and hearts brimming with SmartWoof™, making every moment a cherished one with our fur babies!



    Length: 4.6 in

    Width: 1.6 in

    Height: 1.3 in



    (1) x SmartWoof™

    (1) x Charging Cable

    (1) x Tennis Ball Cover

    (1) x Instruction Manual


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