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    SmartGrate™ - Speedy Kitchen Companion

    “SmartGrate™ works exceptionally well as a cheese grater, requiring minimal strength for quick, convenient results. Additionally, I was able to swiftly grate potatoes, carrots, cabbage, apples, and even cooked chicken! I have been extremely pleased with the results of using this for food preparation. I will continue to happily use this product in my kitchen and I highly recommend it!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Hilary
    Verified Buyer


    Cooking can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when processing foods like cheese, vegetables, and fruits. Grating, shredding, and cutting by hand with traditional tools like graters and knives can often result in both slow and unsafe food preparation. Over time, this sluggish process can be frustrating and takes away precious moments from more important activities.

    SmartGrate™ transforms the long and challenging hours of food preparation to a matter of seconds. This food processor effortlessly slices and shreds, making kitchen tasks quicker and more efficient. Experience stress-free, convenient, and safe cooking, allowing for more time to savor the important moments and enjoy the peace and efficiency it brings to the kitchen.



    ROTATING BLADE: Unlike traditional graters, SmartGrate™ utilizes a rotating blade powered by a handle to slice and shred food. Compared to manual food processing, this powerful rotation ensures quick and uniform grating and cutting, making kitchen tasks a breeze.

    MULTI-FUNCTION: SmartGrate™ features 3 versatile blades, each designed for specific tasks such as slicing and fine shredding. These unique blades provide diverse options for food preparation, making SmartGrate™ a convenient and efficient tool for various kitchen tasks.

    SAFE DESIGN: The strong suction base securely grips onto any countertop or table to prevent SmartGrate™ from moving or slipping while in use. This ensures a safe cooking experience, providing peace of mind and reducing the risks of accidents in the kitchen.

    EASY GRIP: The ergonomic rotating handle of SmartGrate™ provides a comfortable and secure grip, enhancing the overall ease of use. This thoughtfully designed handle makes cutting and grating food an effortless and enjoyable experience, adding an extra layer of convenience.

    MESS-FREE: SmartGrate™ is hassle-free to clean, thanks to its easily washable material, and it even includes a cleaning brush for added convenience. This guarantees a quick and effortless cleanup after use, saving precious time and maintaining a tidy kitchen environment.


    We understand how challenging and tedious food preparation and cooking can be, especially when limited to inefficient tools. It can be frustrating to spend hours on simple tasks like grating cheese or slowly slicing vegetables! A study done by Medium shows that 80% of people consider their cooking skills to be low, and this can be attributed to the lack of effective tools!

    SmartGrate™ is the perfect kitchen companion for anyone looking to make cooking and food preparation easier. This hassle-free tool effortlessly grates and slices food to perfection, transforming food preparation from hours of work into just a few minutes. SmartGrate™ is not just a kitchen tool; it’s a smarter gateway to a more enjoyable and efficient lifestyle!



    Length: 10.23 in

    Width: 4.53 in

    Height: 9.45 in



    (1) x Transparent Tube

    (1) x Coarse Shredding Blade

    (1) x Fine Shredding Blade

    (1) x Slicing Blade

    (1) x Cleaning Brush

    (1) x Suction Base

    (1) x Handle

    (1) x Food Plunger

    (1) x Instruction Manual


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