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    RadiantStep™ - Smart Foot File

    “I have had really dry and cracked feet on my soles and heels no matter how much I moisturized and it was really starting to make me self conscious. I bought RadiantStep™ on a whim and I am so happy that I did. My feet are so soft after only one use! I have since used it about twice a week, and I am back to feeling comfortable and confident in sandals, flip flops, and barefoot!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Jessica Smith
    Verified Buyer


    Calluses and rough skin on the feet can be caused from standing too long, medication, and even as part of the natural aging process. This type of condition can ruin that breathtaking outfit and also be extremely painful when standing or walking. Eventually, this persistent issue can cause insecurity and constant discomfort that affects our daily life and mental health.

    RadiantStep™ is a powerful tool designed to effectively and efficiently remove dead skin and stubborn calluses from the feet. This innovative device utilizes rapid rotation to gently and painlessly grind away at dead and rough skin, leaving the feet smooth and healthy. Experience smooth feet free of any discomfort or dry skin and a newfound sense of confidence.




    ADJUSTABLE SPEED: The speed at which the quartz head rotates can be set to either a low or a high setting. This allows for a personalized and precise treatment, which ensures an effective foot care experience, guaranteeing comfort and satisfaction with every use.

    RAPID ROTATION: RadiantStep™ features an innovative file made of quartz that spins and precisely grinds away at dead skin. Thanks to the rapid rotation and premium quartz material, it easily removes dead skin, revealing noticeably smoother and healthier feet in an instant.

    SAFE & SECURE: RadiantStep™ was designed with safety in mind and will automatically stop rotating when a certain amount of pressure is detected. This smart detection system prevents the removal or damage of any healthy skin, making the process worry-free.

    VACUUM SUCTION: Unlike conventional foot files that leave skin everywhere after usage, RadiantStep™ features a vacuum that sucks in any dead skin that is removed. This ensures a cleaner and hassle-free foot care experience, making the process relaxing and enjoyable.

    PEDICURE KIT: In addition to RadiantStep™, a pack of different pedicure tools is provided, including nail files, callus removers, shavers, and razors. This kit has all the essential tools required for perfectly groomed feet, elevating any foot care routine and saving time and money.



    1. Select one of the quartz heads and attach it onto RadiantStep™.

    2. Hold the power button to turn RadiantStep™ on.

    3. Select the rotation speed by pressing the power button. Low is recommended when first starting out.

    4. Place the rotating quartz head on the desired treatment area and instantly experience smoother skin!


    We understand how uncomfortable and insecure we can be to have dead and cracked skin visible on our feet. It can be extremely frustrating to not be able to remove this excess skin despite all of our efforts and all the expensive pedicures we pay for! According to a study done by StudyFinds, nearly 3 in 4 women agree that their confidence hinges on how their skin looks!

    RadiantStep™ is the perfect solution for anyone struggling to remove rough skin or calluses from their feet and tired of paying for ineffective pedicures. This remarkable electric file effortlessly and safely grinds away dead skin, leaving radiant skin. Step into a world of smoother feet with RadiantStep™, where comfort and confidence become everyday companions!




    (1) x RadientStep™

    (3) x Quartz Heads

    (1) x USB Charging Cord

    (1) x Instruction Manual

    (1) x Pedicure Kit


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