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    Easy Open™ - Automatic Can Opener

    “This just has to be the best can opener ever. I wish I found out about this earlier because it’s an absolute LIFESAVER, especially with my arthritis and stiff hands. I no longer struggle and have ZERO pain opening cans. I can’t help but wonder if my arthritis could have been avoided if I had discovered this great gadget earlier.”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Sandra Pratt
     Verified Buyer


    Arthritis can turn a simple five-second movement of opening a can into an excruciatingly painful chore. The conventional manual can opener requires substantial amounts of effort, from securely clamping it down to using brute force to cut the lid open. This ultimately leads to further pain, swelling, and an overall worsening of the existing condition.

    Easy Open™ features a hands-free design that automatically cuts cans 360 degrees along the lid with just the press of a button. This phenomenal tool effortlessly opens cans, preventing further pain and inflammation in the hands. Enjoy a pain-free method of opening cans and regain the ability to accomplish a simple task.



     PAIN RELIEF: Easy Open™ cuts open cans with a single touch of a button, without the need of hands or strength. This hands-free mechanism protects the hands and prevents pain that would arise if a manual can opener were used. 

     SAVE TIME: Rather than spending time struggling to open a can, Easy Open™ cuts open cans within seconds. Save precious time for important tasks, instead of wasting it on trying to open a can.

     EASY OPERATION: One tap is all it takes to cut open any can with Easy Open™. Unlike manual and complicated can openers, this requires no setup or any additional labor, making it extremely easy to use.

    ✅  TILTED BLADE: Easy Open™ has a tilted blade that cuts along the side of the lid without ever touching the food inside. This ensures the contents of the can is never contaminated and kept safe for consumption

     SMOOTH EDGE: Smooth edges are left by Easy Open™ on both the can and lid after cutting. Unlike the sharp edges left by regular can openers, these smooth edges reduce the risk of injury and are much safer.



    1. Insert 2 AA batteries (not included) into Easy Open™.

    2. Place Easy Open™ on top of the can, making sure the blade and gear are neatly in between the opposite sides of the edge.

    3. Press the button to turn it on.

    4. Press the button to turn it off.


    We understand how difficult and painful it can be to complete simple tasks when living with arthritis. It can be extremely frustrating spending a ridiculous amount of time on something as simple as opening a can! A recent study done by John Hopkins Arthritis Center shows that trying to open a can with brute force and strength only further worsens the inflammation and overall condition!

    With Easy Open™, take a deep breath and sigh in relief to no longer having to struggle with such a simple task! Easy Open™ provides a painless, efficient, and safe way of opening cans for anyone living with arthritis. Enjoy this new ability to effortlessly open cans, with this great gadget that belongs in every kitchen!



    Height: 6.5 in

    Width: 2.5 in


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