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    CleanEase Pro™ - Electric Scrubber

    “After seeing so many positive reviews I decided to try CleanEase Pro™ because hand scrubbing was killing my back. Not only does this save me from so much back pain, but it also does a stellar job cleaning! I had a small yellow water ring in the corner of the tub and tried every scrubber and cleaner I could find. Nothing got rid of it completely until this! 5 stars!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Emma Anderson
    Verified Buyer


    Household cleaning can prove to be challenging with age, especially when trying to get into all the cracks and crevices. Traditional hand scrubbing can cause back and knee pain, nerve damage, and even tendonitis in the hands. Eventually, joints and muscles will deteriorate, resulting in unbearable pain and making it even more difficult to perform these cleaning tasks.

    CleanEase Pro™ is a high-performance electric spin scrubber that takes the stress and pain out of household cleaning. Featuring a powerful spinning brush and adjustable length, this scrubber effortlessly ensures a thorough clean in even the most challenging areas. Experience a new level of cleaning efficiency, and more importantly, an enjoyable and pain-free cleaning routine.



    POWERFUL SCRUB: The spinning brush is driven by a powerful internal motor that rotates up to a speed of 400 RPM. This rapid rotation easily cleans the most stubborn of stains and enables a more efficient cleaning, reducing the time and effort required to tackle tough stains. 

    ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: CleanEase Pro™ features an adjustable handle that extends from 25 inches to over 40 inches in length. This eliminates the need to kneel or bend over, providing a pain-free cleaning experience and effortlessly reaches and cleans hard-to-reach places.

    ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The handle is designed ergonomically for a comfortable and easy grip while cleaning. Unlike the strain that comes with hand scrubbing, this snug grip ensures pain-free cleaning sessions and reduces any type of fatigue that may lead to health problems.

    VERSATILE BRUSHES: Each CleanEase Pro™ is equipped with three specialized brushes for specific surfaces and areas. The dome brush is perfect for the corners of bathtubs and sinks, the corner brush for narrow spaces, and the flat brush for larger surfaces like floors and walls.

    CORDLESS CLEANING: Unlike other electric scrubbers, CleanEase Pro™ is cordless for convenience and efficiency. This design allows for unrestricted movement and eliminates the hassle of tangled cords or limited reach, making cleaning a breeze and saving time and effort.



    1. Before first use, charge CleanEase Pro™ up to full capacity.

    2. Attach all three rods together and adjust the handle length accordingly.

    3. To make CleanEase Pro™ even shorter, only attach two of the rods together.

    4. Select the desired brush head and attach it on.

    5. Press the button on the handle to power on CleanEase Pro™.

    6. Apply a cleaning agent to the brush head for best results.

    7. Enjoy a pain-free and hassle-free cleaning experience!


    We understand how painful and challenging household cleaning can be, especially at an older age. It can be frustrating to end up in unbearable pain after struggling to clean all the hard-to-reach areas and stubborn stains! According to a study done by the Journal of Aging and Health, 1 in 4 injuries among older adults in the United States are due to household cleaning!

    CleanEase Pro™ is the perfect solution for seniors that are tired of the pain that comes with household cleaning. This amazing device makes cleaning enjoyable, taking care of the body and preventing any further damage to bones and joints. Say goodbye to the aches and pains, and embrace a new era where each swipe brings joy and every corner gleams with perfection!



    (1) x CleanEase Pro™

    (3) x Brush Heads 

    (1) x Charging Cord


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