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    Geometric Eggs™ - Montessori Educational Toy

    “My toddler loves this toy! The eggs are easily broken apart, which she enjoys; a lot of other toys cause her frustration. This keeps her interest for a long time and will grow with her, as over time she will learn to match the shapes / colors. This is one of my favorite toys of hers because it’s simple, interesting, and educational! I hope to find more STEM toys like this!!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Mia Owen
     Verified Buyer


    Learning shapes and colors is absolutely essential for children and lays the foundation of future areas of learning. Children that lack these skills tend to not only struggle with reading, math, and science, but also with understanding and navigating the world around them. Without proper development of these skills, children are ultimately set up for failure in both school and life.

    Geometric Eggs™ features colorful and playful plastic eggs in a carton, presenting opportunities for learning and fun. This educational toy allows children to open each egg up and match the corresponding colors and shapes. Opening each egg develops fine motor skills, and matching the eggs encourages color and shape recognition skills.



     COLOR RECOGNITION: Geometric Eggs™ feature 6 different colors, allowing children to match the eggs with the corresponding colors. Color recognition helps develop descriptive language skills, which in turn encourages clear communication and understanding.

     SHAPE RECOGNITION: In addition to 6 colors, Geometric Eggs™ feature 12 different shapes. Shape recognition helps children identify and organize visual information, which acts as a foundation for success in future curriculum, like math and science.

     FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The eggs pull apart easily for little hands, but are firm enough so that toddlers can develop the small muscles that control the hand, fingers, and thumb. Developing fine motor skills prepare children for important skills like writing and self-care.

     HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Each egg that is pulled apart has a corresponding shape and color that can be matched, so the toddler must use both their eyes and hands to complete this task. Hand eye coordination is vital for success in school and also daily adult life.

     PREMIUM QUALITY: Both eggs and carton are made of a premium BPA-free and non-toxic plastic. Geometric Eggs™ poses no harm to skin, no risk of choking, and is absolutely safe for all children.


    We understand how anxious we can be about our children’s future and whether they will succeed in school and in life. It can be scary and frustrating to see our children start school and not do nearly as well as we expected them to! According to the recent Readiness for Kindergarten study, over 75% of students are not well prepared to learn and lack critical skills!

    With Geometric Eggs™, take a deep breath and sigh in relief to finally having a fun way for children to learn new shapes and colors! This playful activity of matching eggs develops motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and shape and color recognition. By choosing Geometric Eggs™, parents provide their children with endless fun and set them up for future success in life!



    Length: 11.4 in

    Width: 3.9 in



    (12) x Eggs

    (1) x Egg Carton


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