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    CarBuddy™ - Car Escape Tool

    "As a single mother, safety is my top priority when it comes to my children and myself. CarBuddy gives me peace of mind knowing that if an emergency were to occur, I have a reliable tool to quickly and easily break windows and cut seat belts. I highly recommend CarBuddy to anyone looking for an added layer of safety in their car!"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Eliza James
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    Car accidents are traumatic and can lead to serious injury and death, but the risk is multiplied when passengers are trapped inside the vehicle. Without a way to escape, extreme temperatures, cars filling with water, and a lack of oxygen can quickly kill passengers. The lack of power and hope to escape from such conditions is absolutely terrifying, especially if loved ones are in the car as well.

    CarBuddy is an innovative car survival tool designed to break windows and cut seat belts in emergency situations. With its durable design and easy-to-use features, CarBuddy™ provides a reliable way to escape and reach safety. In the event of an accident or emergency, having CarBuddy™ on hand can give peace of mind and the power to save oneself and loved ones.



     WINDOW BREAKER: CarBuddy™ is equipped with a hard tungsten steel head backed by a powerful compression spring. With its effective design, CarBuddy™ can effortlessly break windows that cannot be rolled down, allowing for easy escape in any emergency situation.

     SEAT BELT CUTTER: On the other end of CarBuddy™ is a built-in stainless steel knife designed with a U-shape for added safety. This sharp blade is able to quickly and easily cut through jammed seat belts, providing a reliable way to escape and reach safety.

     QUICK ESCAPE: The mini tungsten hammer and safety knife allow for escape from entrapment within seconds. In any emergency situation, whether the vehicle rolls over, catches fire, or is submerged, CarBuddy™ allows for instant action, increasing survivability.

     EASY ACCESS: CarBuddy comes with a complimentary mount that can be attached anywhere inside the car for easy access. Rather than storing it inside the glove compartment which is hard to reach, drivers can easily grab CarBuddy™ in the event of an emergency.

     SLEEK DESIGN: Made of an aluminum alloy and finished with a frosted surface, CarBuddy™ has a simple and stylish appearance. Its sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to the car's interior, elevating its aesthetic.



    1. Remove the cap of the tungsten steel head.

    2. Choose the nearest side window (NOT the front or rear windshield)

    3. Target the four corners of the window (the weakest points)

    4. Apply pressure using the steel head.

    1. Remove the cap of the seat belt cutter.

    2. Insert the seat belt into the opening of the U-shape and drive the blade through.


    We understand how anxious we can be when driving, especially if our loved ones are in the car as well. It can be absolutely devastating to end up in an accident and be trapped in the car with no escape! According to a study done by BioMed Central, passengers who are trapped in a motor vehicle accident are twice as likely to not survive compared to those who are not trapped!

    With CarBuddy, take a deep breath and sigh in relief to finally having a way to easily escape from a vehicle. CarBuddy™ effortlessly breaks windows and cuts seat belts, providing an instant peace of mind in a potentially dangerous situation. Experience a new found confidence on the road with CarBuddy™, the essential tool for added safety and security in your car!



    Length: 3.5 in

    Width: 0.79 in



    (1) x CarBuddy

    (1) x Mount


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